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Autotow Pty Ltd

Autotow was established in September 2013, and initially, the fleet comprised four tilt tray trucks and an average-sized holding yard. Over the last ten years, the business has continued to grow, and these days the fleet now comprises of eighteen tilt tray trucks, two double axle tilt tray trucks, five car carriers, three interstate car transporters and two smaller cradle trucks to manoeuvre into smaller areas. All vehicles are fitted with GPS tracking devices so that we instantly know where they are and who can assist in an emergency.

Our holding yard premises have also expanded, with our main yard now located at 8 Hearne Street Mortdale. 2-metre-high security fences and an automatic gate protect the main holding yard, and the indoor storage facility is alarmed. The entire premises are monitored with 24-hour CCTV live feed and recording, and motion sensor lighting brilliantly illuminates both outdoor and indoor storage areas.

We offer various services in the St George and Sutherland Shire area ranging from accident towing, breakdown towing, general towing, insurance towing and assisting in water-submerged and off-road vehicle retrieval. Our accident and breakdown services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week, Sydney-wide.

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About Autotow Pty Ltd Core Competencies

Autotow Pty Ltd maintains a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.


Autotow Towing prides itself on maintaining a rigorous compliance system. This practice ensures customer and business integrity. We are always mindful of legislation changes and work to maximise efforts to reduce risks in all business aspects.

Insurance and Security

We have public liability insurance and on-hook insurance.
All of our team members undergo a full background and police check.
We also utilise effective recruitment, training, monitoring and audit systems to ensure our staff work safely and methodically.

Performance Management

Measuring our performance in providing towing services is fundamental to our continuous improvement and customer retention. We aim to formally measure tow truck service performance at a minimum every month or as per contractual agreements.

Customer Service

Autotow employs staff who genuinely care about their work to ensure that all our clients are happy. From our tow truck operators on-site to our 24/7 allocator team, you will always receive the help and support you need.

Our office staff and tow truck operators are passionate, motivated and highly trained to provide the level of service you expect from an industry-leading tow truck company. They have their finger on the pulse and provide a diligent experience every time. If there are any issues, you can expect them to be resolved rapidly.


Whether it is our trade clients or a one-off roadside assistance customer, they appreciate our responsible, transparent approach to their towing requests. We provide the finest service in the tow truck industry, both in how we operate and our staff are trained and inducted. When you receive a quote from us, you’ll see a clear breakdown of towing costs for your tow truck service at a reasonable, sustainable, competitive fee.

We encourage our trade and industry clients to interact with us. Our technology lets you view contractual obligations, check the status of tow work, schedules, live tracking, futile, towing service delivery confirmations, complaints and more.


Autotow Pty Ltd has demonstrated that optimal towing and transport services delivery is achieved by ensuring thorough supervision and diligent sound management. Autotow Pty Ltd has implemented and continues to improve these components.

Risk-based thinking enables Autotow Pty Ltd to determine the factors that could cause its processes and quality management system to deviate from the planned results and to put in place preventive controls to minimise adverse effects and maximise opportunities as they arise.

What The Future Hold’s

Consistently meeting requirements and addressing future needs and expectations challenge organisations in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment. Autotow Pty Ltd may adopt various forms of improvement in addition to corrections, such as breakthrough change, innovation and re-organisation to achieve this objective.

Contract Compliance Auditing

In addition to measuring performance against agreed Key Performance Indicators, we regularly audit each of our towing contracts to ensure compliance with contractual obligations. The frequency and extent of contract compliance audits are at the client’s discretion.

Autotow Pty Ltd Quality Assurance Promise

Quality Assurance Inspection Level 1

The service area supervisor audits the towing service delivery against contract specifications.

Quality Assurance Inspection Level 2

Our operations manager audits the service delivery against contract specifications, cycle time records, rostering of drivers and allocation of resources, tow truck equipment allocation and serviceability, instructions to staff, reporting, towing requests and service delivery, invoicing and continuous relationship management.

Quality Assurance Inspection Level 3

The OH&S and compliance manager conducts an audit of our general standards of towing and quality system compliance, including operations manual and training register, testing and tagging of in-service electrical equipment, maintenance of tools, mechanical equipment and machinery, correspondence and record keeping, contractual safety plan, holding yard site specific OH&S safety, reporting of incidents and corrective actions, insurances and staff appearance.

Autotow Pty Ltd Improvement Procedure

We seek to consistently improve the quality of our tow truck services by adhering to the Integrated Management System (IMS) requirements of measuring, analysing and improving.

This aids us in continually guaranteeing the best in supervision, training, contract management, and client services. We progressively monitor all projects to completion by undertaking thorough site inspections, auditing, employee input and responding directly to customer feedback.

This procedure encourages staff to identify and document areas for improvement as they arise and to respond to client complaints effectively. By doing this, all managers and employees ensure Autotow Pty Ltd’s strong reputation as a towing industry leader.

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Autotow Towing Mortdale

Our office is open from 7am-6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am-12pm on Saturdays.

Our drivers have many years of experience in the towing industry and are reliable, honest, respectful and professional.

If you are looking for a trustworthy company to look after one of your most prized possessions, look no further than Autotow.

Autotow is based in the St George Suburb of Mortdale, servicing the St George, Canterbury Bankstown & Sutherland Shire areas.

We have a fleet of tow trucks and car carriers to assist with towing requirements. Insurance approved and preferred by SUNCORP, AAMI, GIO, VERO, SHANNONS, BINGLE, JUST CAR INSURANCE, INSURE MY RIDE, APIA, NRMA